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Auto services

Let us take a look under the hood

Motor vehicles

• Complimentary collection and delivery
• General service and tune-ups for petrol and diesel powered vehicles
• Engine, gearbox and differential overhauls
• Automotive electric (repairs to control units; airflow meters, TCI units and distributors)
• Tyres, wheel alignment and balancing
• Breakdown and Towing service in Gauteng Province (24 hours)
• Air Conditioning – new installations, re-gasing and maintenance
• Installation of alarms and immobilizes
• Tyre fitment, wheel alignment and balancing
• Complimentary car wash and vacuum

Fleet services

Technocar Auto Services is certified to accept all major Fleet Service Cards.

We are also agents for the following companies:

• ABSA Lease
• Prime Car Leasing
• Nedlease
• First Auto
• Stannic Fleet Management


• Trucks, including horse and trailer
• General servicing
• Engine, gearbox and differential reconditioning
• Air brakes service and repairs
• COF’s and road worthy’s
• Tyres, wheel alignment and balancing
• Auto electrical starters, alternators (24 volts)
• 24 hour towing service in Gauteng Province
• Secure lock up parking

Services offered

Major Services & Electronic Tune-up Change Oil

• Replace oil filter element
• Replace air cleaner element
• Replace fuel filter
• Replace points and condenser
• Replace spark plugs
• Lubricate throttle control linkages
• Inspect, repack and adjust front end rear wheel bearings
• Top up battery-electrolyte level as required
• Lubricate door, boot and bonnet strikers, and hinges and check door drain flaps
• Flush and renew brake fluid as necessary
• Adjust clutch pedal if necessary
• Adjust hand brake
• Set ignition timing
• Set engine idling speed
• Exhaust emission (adjust CO % if required)
• Diagnostic print out on request

Check Points

• Compression test
• Condition of drive belts and adjust
• Condition of fuel lines
• Transmission fluid level
• Windshield wipers and washers operation and top up of water reservoir
• All lights signalling devices and aim headlights
• Disk pads
• Rear brake linings
• Cooling system for leaks and Ethylene Glycol content
• Steering ball joints
• Bellows on constant velocity joints
• Bellows on steering struts and tie rod ends
• Bellows on steering gear
• Condition of exhaust system
• Condition of tyres and inflate to correct pressures
• Final road test and report any abnormal conditions


The technical staff is highly qualified and has worked extensively on all makes of motor vehicles, including the more exotic models such as Ferrari and Maserati.

Formal training through Robert Bosch includes:

Automotive Electronics (Jetjap,LE-Jetronic, KE-Jetronic)

• Fuel Injection
• ABS Braking Systems
• BTU (Tune Up)
• Motronics
• Repair and Service for Electronic Ignition

In order to provide service excellence, the Technocar strategy is to remain up-to-date with technological developments in the motor industry.

Technocar is equipped with modern up-to-date technology including:

• Key Coder: Key coding device for recoding
• Multi ignition tester
• Coil ignition tester: Tests multi-coil ignitions
• Scanner Opel Delta tester: Isuzu Vehicle
• Diagnostic Tester: Allen engine diagnostic tester
• Diagnostic Scanner: SPC vehicle diagnostic scanner
• Bosch Scanner: Bosch scanner KTS 500
• Carmin Scanner Carmin scanner for far eastern
• Launch, for european models
• European models and trucks

Fuel injection

Fuel Injection

Technocar Auto has an onsite facility to repair all types of Injectors and pumps. Diesel and petrol, mechanical and electronic! Most vehicles will need these items repaired or serviced at some point. We offer very competitive pricing on repairs and all our work on injectors is guaranteed for 6 months or 20 000km. We only use original spare parts.

Fuel injection is a system for mixing fuel with air in an internal combustion engine. Technocar’s technical staff is highly skilled in working on both petrol and diesel fuel injection systems. In order to provide service excellence, the Technocar strategy is to remain up-to-date with developments regarding all types of fuel injection systems. Technocar is equipped with modern up-to-date technology for fuel injection systems including:

Common Rail Diesel Injectors
Refurbishing of Common rail injectors using up to date test benches to simulate operating environment. Injectors can be tested hot or cold for faults and completely overhauled.

Mechanical Diesel Injectors
Refurbishing of mechanical diesel injectors.Ultrasonic cleaning to remove carbon deposits. Checking of opening pressures, replacement of nozzels and heat shields.

Unit Injector
Commonly used on VW and Audi Diesel Engines

Common Rail Test Bench
We use test benches that are capable of testing injectors hot and cold,with built in ultrasonic cleaning bath to ensure that they are refurbished correctly. Spray patterns and nozzles are checked for faults. Quantity of fuel delivered is measured as well as leak back. Opening pressure is set to manufacturer specifications.

Mechanical Injectors Tester
Diesel injectors are tested for correct spray patterns and nozzle opening pressure using Bosch test equipment.

Petrol Injectors Test Bench
Up to date test bench used to simulate the operating environment of the injectors.Ultrasonic cleaning to remove carbon and residue from injectors.Injectors that are operating correctly prolong engine life, reduce toxic emmisions and reduce fuel consumption.

Common rail and Piezzo electric
Modern common rail injector test bench with full reporting capabilities. Injectors are run at 1700 bars of pressure to ensure that they are operating at optimum efficiency. Injectors are rebuilt and calibrated according to original specifications.

Petrol Injectors
Refurbishment of petrol injectors. Ultrasonic cleaning, filters, seals and pintle caps replaced.